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D3Clean Project

D3Clean is a new generation of innovative disinfectants for application on potentially contaminated surfaces that can be Covid-19 transmission vehicles. It combines the action of natural cationic and phytotherapeutic polymers derived from Mediterranean aromatic plants.

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Projects approved under Portugal 2020

Projetos aprovados no âmbito do Portugal 2020


With an office at ANJE (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) in Évora (Portugal) and with an R&D Center installed at CAME (Reception Center for Micro and SMEs) in Montemor-o-Novo (Portugal), in this laboratory the BRinova team develops veterinary dressings based on biopolymers and which will be tested by the University of Évora team.

Laboratório BRinova

BRinova’s R&D laboratory with equipment acquired within the scope of the NAQUIBIO Project and with support from European Union Funds (Fume hood, work benches, ultrasound baths, heated stirring plate, safety cabinet, pH meter, drying oven, precision scales , water purifier, etc.).


Alex Craveiro - R&D Director

Alex Craveiro

R&D Director

Alexandre Craveiro holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry (UFC – Brazil), with experience in Organic Chemistry and Natural Products area. Author of several scientific books, product and process patents. He coordinated important R&D projects in the areas of Functional Food, Agriculture and Veterinary.

Cesar Filho - Investigador de Polímeros

Cesar Filho

Polymer Researcher

Cesar Filho holds a PhD in Macromolecular Chemistry from the University of Coimbra (Portugal), with experience in the areas of Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Remediation of Contaminated Environments and Macromolecular Chemistry. He published books and scientific articles, in addition to making communications on panels of international scientific meetings.

Esmar Souza - Técnica de Polímeros

Esmar Souza

Polymer Technician

Esmar Souza holds a PhD in Sciences (Chemical Engineering) from the University of São Paulo (USP Brazil), with experience in the synthesis of microgels, intelligent polymeric materials, engineering of polymerization reactions and characterization of polymeric particles for application in oral drug release.

Isabel Gonçalves - Técnica de Nanopartículas

Isabel Gonçalves

Nanoparticle Technicia

Isabel Gonçalves holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Coimbra (Portugal), with experience in nanotechnology, namely in the synthesis and characterization of aerogels and nanoparticles.

Mara Silva - Investigadora de Nanopartículas

Mara Silva

Nanoparticle Researcher

Mara Silva holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Évora (Portugal). Has experience in Biotechnology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology. She published scientific articles in several magazines and made several oral communications on panels of national and international scientific meetings.

Maria João Veiga - Técnica de Nanopartículas

Maria João Veiga

Nanoparticle Technician

Maria João Veiga has a Master’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Aveiro (Portugal), with a dissertation developed at the University of Ghent (Belgium). She has experience in the areas of Polymers and Hydrogels and Quality Control.

Ana Lopes - Mestre em Biofísica e Bionanosistemas e licenciada em Fitofarmácia e Plantas Medicinais Aromáticas

Ana Lopes

Master in Biophysics and Bionanosystems and Graduate in Phytopharmacy and Aromatic Medicinal

Ana Lopes holds a Master’s Degree in Biophysics and Bionanosystems and a Degree in Phytopharmacy and Aromatic Medicinal Plants from the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. She has vast experience in plant extracts and nanoencapsulation valuation.