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We believe that technology can contribute to a greener future.

We use natural raw materials to create environmentally conscious and friendly solutions.

Practical examples

1. The physical and chemical properties of silver particles give an increase in the capacity to conduct electricity up to 10 times.

2. Thanks to their biocompatibility and powerful biocidal activity, silver nanoparticles have a range of applications in the health sector.

3. The presence of silver nanoparticles in plastic containers and films considerably increases the shelf life of food.

4. Silver nanoparticles increase the stability and optimize the drying time of the ink used in 3D printing.


We move by Disruption. We develop products in several areas by associating nanotechnology with a biopolymer platform.

Scientific Knowledge

Our team and the establishment of partnerships with widely recognized institutions allow us to have scientific and technological support in projects that seek to make a difference.


We seek to obtain high impact scientific results. We invest continually in research and development of real and effective solutions that optimize our customers' processes, tasks and products

New Product – BioPAint Ag

BioPAint Ag is an aqueous silver dispersion with low toxicity and low sensitization potential, developed specifically for protection against bacteria and fungi.